Thursday, May 05, 2005

Workout Update

Have been doing this program called EDT (see earlier post). I think I started too light. But at least with too light you can go up. It's less helpful to go down.

Since I'm only doing legs, I do a 3 way split. Weds. is my abductor/adductor day. I was doing 15lbs and went up to 20 because 15 seemed too light. Man, did I find a challenging weight.

I start with sets of 5 then as I get more tired I go to sets of 4 and down. I really haven't gotten to where I HAD to go down before, I usually do so I can increase my reps the following week. But yesterday, I definately had to.

Tomorrow, Friday, I'll be doing glutes, quads and hams. See how that goes!

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