Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Workout Update and Thoughts

Working out this morning was not fun. Slept funny and my neck was tight. That's OK when you're working legs, but this was my shoulder/back/chest workout.

Did well anyway, I think. Increased a little weight. In two weeks I'll do the testing for max weight and set my weights for my summer workout. This will make the workouts a lot harder! I'll also learn about doing pictures on this site. Hopefully I'll get to somewhere inspiring.

The last couple of weeks have brought me some compliments. From some women friends, and a couple of homies. Even one of my sisters. The best though is when my kids say something. Because they have definitely been open to telling me I'm fat! My wife has noticed too. She doesn't like the idea of her lifting weights, but she's been supportive overall. And since my sister is lifting and losing weight, my wife is definitely thinking about doing something to improve her health as well.

Found out one of my activist friends is going to the cancer center. Don't know any more details than that. Its a bummer. Just gotta remember that modeling a healthy activist lifestyle and hanging in where people have a hard time is important. Even if everyone doesn't make it.

A friend posted her first workout. She's on the links on the left. Very inspiring. Hope she keeps it up!

E Babe - that wasn't my first workout, just an increase in levels. Added the swimming, I know that's good for the whole body. It's just an expression of the wide breach between my fantasy life (I'm in shape) and the reality (the gym is killing me.. ha ha).
Keep up the good work!
Hey K:

Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like you're doing well either way.

Still inspiring!

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