Thursday, May 05, 2005

Why Weightlifting?

Basically, I've tried dieting and aerobics - and just kept getting heavier. Then a co-worker loaned me a book that talked about muscle loss as we get older.

So I figure if muscle burns fat 24/7 why not! Walking a lot helps to burn off calories, but as far as I know doesn't add to muscle mass - maybe it slows it down some.

I'm guessing that I have from 20-40 lbs of fat on me. My doc doesn't do the body fat testing so I'll have to go somewhere else to be sure. But I figure even with muscle gain, I should be able to go from 177 yesterday to 165 by July 1. I'll let you know.

Also, I've asked for some feedback from people on what would make this blog useful for them. What I've gotten so far two women and two men have responded. The men both talk about walking. One says we should start, the other one has already started. Think I'll connect them. The mujeres wanted stuff around being able to eat Chicano food in a healthy way, and to talk about how the activist lifestyle can be healthier (because it usually isn't!).

I'll get to those topics more later!

Amor y Rebeldia!

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