Monday, May 16, 2005

Week 22!

Orale, this might become a habit. Asked my kids what they thought about me trying to be a buff Chicano. My son thinks its cool - especially if I help him gain a little muscle too. My daughter had a different reaction. She was like, "Dad, if you get buff I'll never have boyfriends! The guys around here are already scared of you!"

I don't know exactly why I'm scary, but it might save on purchasing fire-arms!

Spent the weekend with really cool people talking about parenting. Deciding to feel good about my decision to be more of a parent during the rest of my children's' homelife. I figure it may be 4-5 years before they are out of the house, but by then I should be ready to get more active with communal liberation.

I've given other parents a hard time about using their kids as an excuse not to be involved. Hopefully never too strongly. But there are people who do that. To me they are the reason to be involved. I'll still be doing stuff, just not leading and initiating much - unless its directly youth or health oriented.

Working out SUCKED this morning. Got up late and didn't feel it. Did good on beating my personal records though. One more week of this routine and then on the week of May 30th I'll test for what's called 10 rep max - actually 6-12 rep maxs. Then I'll pick the poundages for my summer routine.

I was stressing that I was gonna have to get up at 5 am to workout because I'll be doing 3 15 minute EDT PR Zones instead of two. But since I'm not waking anyone up for school, I'll have more time in the morning. Then when school starts it will be a little tight until the end of August, or I'll just get up earlier, and then I'll start a new routine in September.

Funny thing at the workshop was having someone try and get me to reconsider lifting weights as my form of physical development. They were trying to get me to do yoga. I think yoga is cool. But not what I want right now. Though I do stretch on non-weight lifting days.

Keep Pumping!

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