Thursday, May 12, 2005

Random Thoughts

Had my blood drawn for cholestoral and all of that today. See how what the results say next week. Have a doc appointment on the 19th, one of my sister's bdays. Hopefully I'll get the green light to do upper body work. ('cause if necessary it wouldn't be the first time I ran a red light!)

Still trying to think about how activists are self-abusive. Work too hard, party too hard, don't rest, stay stressed, eat crappy food because its convenient, and all of that good stuff.

Have heard great compliments on my children's band - Mezcla Experience - there's even been a good write up about them on the net! Trying to really take in that I've been a good influence in helping them get a band together with my nephew. They are also starting to lift weights. My sister is planning to use my garage gym also. Its very cool. Even one of my daughter's friends is starting to lift.

Lifting tomorrow, I really look forward to workouts, how cool is that!

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