Monday, May 02, 2005

Quick Overview

So what the heck is this Blog about?

Basically, if you're one of those people who when you were growing up noticed that the only Chicanos that were buff were the homies that just got out of the pinta; if you ever notice activists talking about health issues, have a bunch of health issues because they don't take care of THEIR health; if you're just noticing a loss in energy and a gain in waist size - then this blog is for you!

If you believe that being an activist is being a warrior for your gente - this site is also for you. Look around, many things we take for granted are there because of activists, from the 8 hour day to the ending of the short handled hoe. If you're not an activist, go give one a hug today! If you are, take care of yourself, you are vital to the future!

Amor, Rebeldia y Auto-Determinacion!

It is so important for activists to rejuvinate and take care of body and soul, so that they can again be warriors for the causes they struggle for, and not be worn down in body and mind.

Great post. Thank you for sharing :)
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