Thursday, May 05, 2005

More on feedback

In asking for feedback, I've been getting good and interesting responses.

Something of interest is that 67 million birds die in the US every year because of pesticides! And those pesticides are used mostly on the food we buy at our grocers.

Food is a big deal. Many of us use food for comfort and as part of identity. But it is definately important to think about. The amount of processed food is harmful.

In the US we're overfed calorie-wise but malnourished nutrient-wise. This is a big issue. It impacts our children and our longevity.

Another big issue is the activist lifestyle. Saving the world by day and drinking and smoking all night is not likely a good formula for success.

With that in mind, weightlifting, activist lifestyle, healthy Chicano food will be the main foci of the site. Other things will be included as well. But its obvious that I can't and this can't be all things to all people. But most of the feedback is positive and thought provoking.


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