Friday, May 27, 2005

Long Thursdays!

Friday workouts have sucked! Mainly because I've had long Thursdays. Not the long day like in a boring day, but like 8am to 10pm or midnight long. Hopefully that's over for awhile.

Overall things are going alright. Its always stressful at the end of the school year. One, because of all the end of school year stuff. Two, because there's always this tension around the house as to how much chores are fair - it's more complicated because my wife is off too so we get into all kinds of fun discussions, ok arguments about those kinds of things.

Finished a 7 week legs program. Now that I'm cleared to lift fully. I'll check for max lifts next week and then the following week start a full body workout for about 12 weeks!

Have a great weekend!

I'll be away from computers until Tuesday.

Love and Rebellion!

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