Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Liberation Lifters?

Heard the Governator talking about "close the borders" and supporting the Minutemen. Funny how an immigrant can get that way - usually they want borders closed AFTER they get in. But it just shows how bad California is in picking ex-movie star Governors. The other one, you 'member "Bonzo goes to Washington" - called Cesar Chavez a communist and attacked the Black Panthers for protecting their communities from government intervention (ie police brutality and neglect).

Anyway, too bad that he's the main official spokesperson of mainstream bodybuilding. Maybe progressives and radicals should begin "Liberation lifters Clubs."

Think of all of the contradictions to the crap we're led to believe. For example, there are vegetarian bodybuilders; women should be strong!; it really is very difficult to look "freaky" (usually steroids and complete commitment to the gym); less fat means more energy!; children can get strong too; and it only takes a change of diet and about 3 hours a week!

Think, if liberation activists focused more and were healthier how much more could get done. It looks like the fascist right in this country is fairly united and focused. They have an agenda and people focus on an area. The progressive side looks like it gets spread too thin trying to take on everything. Also, there is lots of infighting.

Bodybuilding doesn't have to be about being huge, just getting stronger and healthier enough so that we can go through regular days with energy to spare, and can deal with tough days easier. Whenever you think a muscle is getting too big, stop increasing that workout and shift to maintaining it.

Just think of a bunch of buff, retired, elder Chicanas and Chicanos having time and energy to make their communities better!

Amor, Rebeldia, y Auto-Determinacion!

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