Friday, May 20, 2005

Health On the Mind

Lots of people have emailed me about health stuff. It's been cool. When I was at the docs office the PA or RN asked me if I had the surgery for carpal tunnel. I told her that I was refusing to go that way - that I was taking care of it and healing it.

She was a little shocked but thought she was getting carpal tunnel so asked me to say more. I told her about sleeping with the brace on, going to the chiropractor, doing the wrist exercises, and getting some acupuncture going.

She seemed happy to know that was helping.

Another good friend told me about being told "you're borderline diabetic." Man, that's the one thing about starting down this path. You hear all the stuff we normally don't talk about. This friend is gonna have a healthy potluck and take recipes so she can copy and distribute them. Think this is cool.

I think I'll see if people want to meet at a park in June and just talk about health and maybe connect to people for support.

Again, just some amazing emails about trying to figure out health and also about being small and how people think you are healthy just cause you're not big. And also how people forget that some big people are fairly healthy.

Ate a lot yesterday. Paid for it, my stomach was hurting around 2am. Made my workout tuff. It was like going to work. You show up and hope you get something done. Gotta get the cooler going today. Supposed to be 92!

Gonna eat lite today. Daughter's bday party is tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Hey E~ I'll be home for a week the first week of June. Let me know if you are having your day in the park then.

It's so important to keep a positive mental attitude throughout, I'm learning.
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