Friday, May 06, 2005

Finishing Week 20!

I'm assuming that in June I'll begin full body workouts again so I've been thinking of a routine. And I've been thinking of starting routines for people who have asked me questions about working out.

Here's my overall routine for now. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do weights. Right now 30 minutes, and for the summer 45 minutes. Then Tuesday and Thursday I'm supposed to do light cardio and stretching. But because of gigs, rehearsals and some organizing stuff, I've been resting by sleeping in a little longer on those days. But I can tell the difference in that my weight has stopped declining. I've hit what I'm gonna get out of this routine without the aerobics.

People want me to walk with them, but I can get as many calories burned off in 20 minutes of good cardio as I can in an hour of walking. And as someone with kids, I have to take the efficient route. Actually health as a lifestyle makes more sense thank thinking about it as an extra thing I'm trying to add. I figure if I can live to be an active 80 year old, that will help my activism, music, and familia more than if I'm a burned out diabetic when I'm 50.

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