Monday, May 23, 2005

Figuring Out Loading

Well, I'm still at 174.4, I was hoping to be under 174 by now, but its still progress. My waist is at 39 3/8 still also.

Next week I'll only be lifting on Wednesday and Friday. I'll be figuring how much weight to load based on figuring out my maxs. What I'll do is calculate a 1 Repetition Maximum (1RM) and then I'll calculate 75% of that to use as my starting weights. I'll go through most of my exercises and see what happens.

Usually people are told to use their 10 rep max, but I found a more flexible chart:

Reps - Multiplier for 1RM Calculation
6 - 1.21
7 - 1.24
8 - 1.27
9 - 1.30
10 - 1.33
11 - 1.36
12 - 1.39

70-85% of 1RM is what I've read is good for "hypertrophy" (building muscle), 85-100% for strength. I'll test again at the end of summer!

Have a great day, gotta go work for a living!

Congratulations :)
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