Thursday, May 26, 2005



I'm gonna be asked to talk on the radio,, about health issues. So if you have anything about this blog you'd like to mention please post it in the comments. I know one person has not been able to access the comments section. I don't know why, but give it a shot!

Thank you if you're a regular, and if not, thanks for checking it out today. The interviewer, a good friend was going to post a question, but I don't see it I'm hoping its not because she can't access the comments either.

By the way the comments section is at the bottom of each posting. Click the link and go from there.


E, if you haven't yet, check out - I switched to their comments when Blogger was giving me nothing but trouble and have stuck with them since. It's free and easy to install (they'll do it for you).

Keep up the great work, bro!
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