Thursday, May 26, 2005

Eating Tip for the Week - and Rant =)

A few years ago, I quit drinking soda, all soda. I ended up losing about 15 pounds with no exercise involved. The average US person drinks around a 1,000 calories of soda per week. That's about 2 and a half pounds. (3,500 calories gives you a pound)

It's that simple. Stop drinking soda! I'll try again too.

I ended up even doing a couple of presentations on soda and food as liberation. Funny, now that I've started drinking sodas again I got fatter, hmm.... I have cut back, and since I don't drink coffee and smoke, I know when I'm tired. But overall its a good thing to let go of.

I've gotten very passionate emails about all kinds of health related subjects. Actually what we put into our bodies is a form of direct action, a form of self-determination. Even bodybuilding, or just exercising is a form self-determination. We are taking control of our bodies and being accountable to ourselves. Our movements need healthy warriors.

Eating healthy is a way to thumb your nose at corporations who get rich off of us. Even worse, they get rich off of us getting sick! They spend millions on getting us to buy their products. What if they put that money into paying workers better instead?

Why is it that some of the tobacco companies also own different brands of "the patch"? So they get your money when you're hooked, and they get your money when you try to get clean! One corporation makes money off of you getting obese or diabetic off of their sugar product, and another gets money from you taking diet pills, or your blood testing equipment.

Think about it, alcohol companies get money from us buying their product, which contributes to liver problems, obesity, diabetes, child abuse, domestic violence, loss of work, accidents, fatal accidents, suicide, murder, etc. AND THEN, our community non-profits turn around and get sponsorship from these people!

So I'll recap, we buy their product so we pay once. Then there are the impacts of the product, so we pay twice. Then we get sponsorship from them which gets them free advertising in our communities, you decide if that counts as payment. And then they write it off as a tax-deductible "donation," who pays taxes, us! So we pay at least three times every time we get sponsorship from some corporation.

I don't know if that's worse than regular wage-slavery but its pushing it.

Now I'm not perfect on any of these topics, but I'm getting better. And one thing I've learned is that you often think ahead of what you practice. Some people forget that and get self-righteous, but that's usually not productive.

So reclaim your power and sovereignty over your body! It is your temple, it is with you always! Appreciate what its been through - if you're like me its been abuse more than once!

Amor, Rebeldia y Auto-Determinacion!

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