Monday, May 16, 2005

Chronic Pain

More than one of us has some chronic pain.

As far as lifting and the pain. Its not like "walking it off"! Pay attention to the pain. A lot of joint/tendon pain is aggravated by our fat. No pretty way to deal with that.

Let's just say you're pain is in the arms and back. Try building your leg muscles through weight training. Larger muscles burn more fat, as long as you don't increase your calorie intake because of the weight training. It may reduce the aggravation to the rest of your body. Leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises should help there. You can do this with just dumbbells if that's all you can get right away.

Hopefully you'll only be sore for a couple of weeks. Keep moderate and increase slowly. Start light, let the joints get ready. You can add the smallest increment of weight as you go for two weeks, then drop back to the first week's weight. Increase to week two's weight for the start of the second month, then repeat the process.

You could also start a program like the one for injuries posted earlier, but instead of starting with one pound, you can start with no weight! If it aggravates you to do it with no weight, even one pound won't help. If it does cause more pain - stop! You can wait as long as you need to try again.

An article that might help here

*Remember these are my thoughts, and you need to take charge of yourself and your health. Asking your doc before trying to get back in shape is smart!

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