Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Chicano Healthy Eating Tip #2

I'll have to keep track of these. Last week I talked about using small plates and ordering from the children's menu.

This week may be just as hard for some people. Dump the white flour tortillas!

Yes, and I haven't totally lost my mind. The white flour has been bleached, drained of its nutritional value, so besides holding your taco together (when I was growing up anything in a tortilla was a taco) the main job of that tortilla is to stick to your intestines!

If you can make the adjustment use corn tortillas. Corn and beans combined make a good protein. If you can't do that try the wheat tortillas. The trick is to look at the ingredients to see that you're getting "whole wheat". Some taste better than others so you'll have to do some testing. There's also spinach tortillas, if you can get yourself to eat green tortillas go for it! I have to be in a really good mood to handle the green ones.

The same actually goes for bread. I know the word "wonder" equals bread in many peoples vocabularies, but the whole wheat won't be trapped along the sides of your intestines as long and actually help you keep your colon clear! You don't want your colon jammed full of white bread do you?

Take health into your own hands!

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