Monday, May 09, 2005

Chicano Healthy Eating Tip #1

How to eat comida Chicana and eat healthy has been the most consistent request. Food is such an important thing to people it kinda makes sense.

Also we don't realize how much of our food is over processed. That to me is the key of knowing how healthy what you're eating is. How far is it away from its natural state? That answer will help. The other is portion sizes. Which leads to tip # 1.

Use the small plates to serve yourself food. This may take awhile to get used to, but restaurant portions have grown in the US - at least as fast as my waist! =)

When you eat using the small plates its harder to over eat - not impossible, just harder. When you finish the plate, you have time to decide if you feel hungry. Many of us have been conditioned to finish our whole plate and if you're like me you often don't realize you're full until you're stuffed.

In restaurants it may mean asking for the kids plate. I've done it, and in a Mexican restaurant people look at you weird! The other option in a restaurant is to order a la carte and sides to make your own plate. I'll often get 2-3 tacos, a side of beans, a side of rice, a jalapeƱo, and water.

Feel free to try it, and let me know if it works for you as well as it does for me!

Amor, Rebeldia, y Auto-Determinacion!

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