Thursday, May 19, 2005


Went to the doc's today. Got the OK for weightlifting. He looked a little surprised when I told him I was still lifting, just with leg exercises. But he said everything looked good! I'm one happy Chicano!

My Triglycerides went from 162 to 138, Cholesterol from 218 to 182, and my LDL went from 142 to 117 (goal is to get it below 100). My good HDL actually went down too! He said exercise and green leafy veggies would bring it up. Obviously its the veggies. Goal will be to bring that up above 40 for the next test.

He did the screenings for other stuff like glucose and different overall things and I'm doing well.

Feeling good. There's an interesting discussion going on about the Chican@ Movement on a couple of the Raza Unida lists. May write about that at sometime. Finished reading War of the Flea. Very thought provoking - I got it through AKPRESS. Someone trying to keep things non-violent would also find lots to think about in this book.

Hope you are all doing well, will write more tomorrow. Had a couple of GREAT emails about health and the blog.

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