Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I increased my weight on the cable abductor/adductor workout for Weds. last week. It ended up hurting my back. Since my chiropractor said it would be ok to start bench pressing, as long as I wasn't doing any wrist twisting, I figured it was time to start working my back again.

My back is a weak area. I had a cyst on my left shoulder for a long time, got a new doctor and got it taken out, it wasn't cancer. But I think the cyst and the extra weight have taken a toll on my back. I also play bass and acordeon.

I did a light workout today. Side raises, and pulldowns for the first part, and cable rows and dumbbell bench pressing for the second. My shoulder felt weird, I'll let you know if that is chronic or just getting used to motion again. My mid back also feels a little funky. Will keep an eye on that for injuries.

Chicano Eating
Found stuff on Mexican food. Will be sharing when I get the chance to look through it. I'll also tell you if I've tried the recipes or not.

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